The Basic of Wearing The Veil

Trend of dressing is always varying and progressing every time. As well as in wearing the veil or hijab. If previously veil or hijab looks less interesting, today the veil or hijab can be formed accordance with the desire and can be customized with clothes that wants wear. This is a positive changes of fashion trends. In the presence of wearing the veil or hijab trends, more Muslim women who were not wearing a veil or hijab are now turning to use it.

This is the basic way wearing the veil or hijab:

1. How to Wearing Veil or Hijab meet under the the chin.
Style of veil or hijab is suitable for you who have a round face shape and square. Due to this face shape, appearance veil will look more presentable.
Use a square scarf by folding it first until form an equilateral triangle with the outside larger 10 cm, so the edge of the scarf does not look races. Put the scarf on ciput then arrange a meeting with symmetrically on both sides under the the chin, with a small hook.

2. How to Wearing Veil or Hijab meet behind the neck.

Style of veil or hijab of is suitable for you who have a triangular face shape and long. Because of this veiled style will make the area look more wide jaw.
Basic materials and how to start using similar with the veil over the chin. The difference is how to wear, scarves placed on ciput with symmetrically, then pull left end of the kananya backward the neck  and tied. Take over measure one end of which was tied scarf, pull towards to the front and crossed in front of the neck. Tied the scarf under the edge of the ear using a pin.

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And Now Your Turn . . .

Only In AgA-ThA Veil . . .


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