How To Use Or Wear A Square Veil Or Hijab

And now Square Veil or hijab. Square veils or hijabs are probably the easiest to wear, depending upon the shape of the face.  To make it more comfortable and so it doesnt slip around, most of the women wear a headband, or elastic type lace headbands, or what they call umpta in the Levantine countries like Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. It is kind of like a tube of t-shirt like material that you pull on and then adjust like a hairband over your head.

Fold the square into a triangle but let one side be shorter than the other.  The longer side will be what shows outside.  Holding the veil or hijab at the folded edge, flip it over the head so that the longer triangle is facing out and lay it on your head.  Gently pull on the ends of the triangle to make sure that both sides are even.

Then with some of the material covering your forhead, fold in the sides a little and draw it down under your chin and pin it.  Depending upon the type of material, safety pins usually get caught up into the materials, so better to look for special pins or use diaper type pins.

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