How To Use Or Wear A Square Veil Or Hijab

And now Square Veil or hijab. Square veils or hijabs are probably the easiest to wear, depending upon the shape of the face.  To make it more comfortable and so it doesnt slip around, most of the women wear a headband, or elastic type lace headbands, or what they call umpta in the Levantine countries like Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. It is kind of like a tube of t-shirt like material that you pull on and then adjust like a hairband over your head.

Fold the square into a triangle but let one side be shorter than the other.  The longer side will be what shows outside.  Holding the veil or hijab at the folded edge, flip it over the head so that the longer triangle is facing out and lay it on your head.  Gently pull on the ends of the triangle to make sure that both sides are even.

Then with some of the material covering your forhead, fold in the sides a little and draw it down under your chin and pin it.  Depending upon the type of material, safety pins usually get caught up into the materials, so better to look for special pins or use diaper type pins.

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How To Wearing A Modern Veil or Hijab

And this is it, a modern veil or hijab that today be a popular veil or hijab.

How to wearing a modern veil or hijab:

Wear a veil or long veil and then tied on the back of neck,
Pull a veil or hijab to the right side towards to the front to cover the pass through and turn toward the neck and the back again,
Associate a veil or hijab to the upper right side by using a pin,
Wear a  long veil or hijab to be  thin,
Tied behind the neck,
Gyre a thin veil or hijab to the  left and on the right is pulled forward over the neck and was associated with the pin on the right side near the veil or hijab, that the first one is associated,
Pull a veil or hijab  first, so is outside the thin veil and then gyre become one with a thin scarf,
Pull the result of gyred veil or hijab to the top right side and clip with pins.

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Veil to Beautify Appearance

Do you want to enhance your appearance differently?

Do you want your appearance look interesting and beautiful?

Yes, the veil or hijab. The veil or hijab  is a fashion that serves to cover the head. Moeslem headscarf for women is recommended. But nowadays, the veil  or hijab is a fashion that is favorites by anyone in the world, to beautify them. Many artists also wear the veil or hijab as their clothing when outside the home.

Did you ever know that the function of the veil or hijab itself is very beneficial for us to use?

Veil can provide many benefits for its users. Because the veil or hijab used by women so many things that women from wearing the veil or hijab obtained. Wearing a veil or hijab is to protect your hair from the sun that can damage the hair nerves. Apart from a health standpoint, we also benefited in terms of appearance. By wearing in this era, the use of the veil or hijab is also intended to create an attractive appearance for that use. We can see a lot of development models of veils or hijabs today.

From experience and the current development of the fashions we will get a more attractive appearance. Many women who like to wear the veil or hijab as a performance enhancer in their dress. There are so many models of the veil or hijab that we can choose today. It starts from the veil or hijab with decorative knickknacks to the veil or hijab that has an interesting color combination. Many women were less so fond of wearing veil or hijab, but now they getting interested to wear the veil or hijab because they want look different and attractive.

How to use the veil or hijab to be attractive? In AGA-THA VEIL blog, will present how to wear a veil or hijab that can make you look elegant, beautiful and attractive. Many women wear the veil or hijab just as head coverings without any decoration that can enhance their appearance. And now, it’s time for you to completely change your appearance to make it more beautiful and attractive.

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