How To Wearing A Modern Veil or Hijab

And this is it, a modern veil or hijab that today be a popular veil or hijab.

How to wearing a modern veil or hijab:

Wear a veil or long veil and then tied on the back of neck,
Pull a veil or hijab to the right side towards to the front to cover the pass through and turn toward the neck and the back again,
Associate a veil or hijab to the upper right side by using a pin,
Wear a  long veil or hijab to be  thin,
Tied behind the neck,
Gyre a thin veil or hijab to the  left and on the right is pulled forward over the neck and was associated with the pin on the right side near the veil or hijab, that the first one is associated,
Pull a veil or hijab  first, so is outside the thin veil and then gyre become one with a thin scarf,
Pull the result of gyred veil or hijab to the top right side and clip with pins.

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